WhatsApp Messenger call Recorder in 2023

Nowadays everyone is using WhatsApp but there are many features. Which are not available to you. People using WhatsApp are in the billions. Because this application has been so much viral that none of applications before have not yet. This is because people keep in touch a lot and this is the best and easy to use application to keep in touch.

New features in whatsapp messenger

This application has become more successful because it keeps getting updates from time to time. WhatsApp always keeps an eye on what people need. And it keeps introducing new features according to people’s needs. That’s why people stay connected to it.

There are many features of WhatsApp. But there are some features which have been very successful.

Such as

One time photo

It was a feature that allowed you to send a picture to someone so that when they see it, the picture is automatically deleted. This feature makes WhatsApp users very secure because some people say that they can show something to the next person but they can’t keep it to themselves. So this feature of WhatsApp helped people a lot in this matter, people liked this picture a lot.

Whatsapp messenger Broadcast

WhatsApp has many features throughout its history but this feature will take WhatsApp to the top. Because it is the latest feature in this application. This update allows you to make a video call with someone. And play a broadcast that will show your mobile screen to the next person.  Because of this, many people will benefit like those who don’t know anything and want to ask someone. Then they can video call them and show them their screen. Then they can ask them.

Whatsapp message edit

WhatsApp keeps getting more and more updates and here it is very important that you can edit a message if you have sent a wrong message. You just have to select that message and go and click add in your settings and then you can write that message properly.

Whatsapp video message

Now we have covered a lot of these small updates, but there is a very big update that I am going to tell you about now. Yes of course I am talking about the video message. With the help of this feature, like we used to send voice notes, now we can also send video messages. This is a very great picture I like it very much myself.

Something special for whatsapp users

That’s it, we have talked about all the new features of WhatsApp as we have listed above.

Now I am going to tell you about some things which are not WhatsApp features but we can do very interesting things by using them with WhatsApp. For example, if you want to talk on someone’s call on WhatsApp. Then WhatsApp will not give you such a feature that you can record someone’s WhatsApp. So to do such things you need an application that you can use to do this.

So today I am going to tell you about these applications.

Whatsapp call recorder

WhatsApp Call Recorder is an application that you can use to record anyone’s WhatsApp call. This application is absolutely free so you don’t need to do anything. This application is very easy to use, you just need to install this application in your mobile. And some settings have to be tweaked. And after that automatically every incoming call will be recorded on your WhatsApp.

How to download whatsapp messenger call recorder?

Downloading this application is very easy you just need to click on the download button below. And this application will be automatically installed in your mobile. You don’t even need to do any extra settings for this, it is installed directly.

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