5 iPhone shortcuts that can enhance your iPhone experience

5 iPhone shortcuts that can enhance your iPhone experience
IOS Shortcuts can save you a lot of time and help you in many tasks.In this article, I will tell you about five shortcuts that will greatly enhance your iPhone experience.

You have to read this article completely so that you can know how you can download and use iOS Shortcuts.

5 best shortcuts for iOS

  • Water reject shortcut 
  • Make PDF 
  • Do not Disturb Timer 
  • R Downloader shortcut
  • Remove Background from Portrait 

Water Reject Shortcut 

If your iPhone gets watered while using iPhone, if you use mobile phone while making underwater video, then your mobile phone will get watered, or if it gets wet in rain, then it will get watered.

You have to download this shortcut and it will remove all the water from your mobile completely free.

I myself have been using these shortcuts for quite some time now, it’s pretty amazing


Make PDF Shortcut 

Through this shortcut you can convert anything to PDF, this shortcut will be added to your iPhone, after that you can convert any file to PDF.

In just one click it will play an important role in making your life easier.


Do not Disturb Timer 

You are going to get a lot of benefit through this shortcut. After activating this shortcut, you have to activate this shortcut at the time when you are busy.

After that, activate your Do Not Disturb option. will be done and no call etc. will appear on your home screen.


R Downloader shortcut 

Through this shortcut, you guys are watching any social media video and your heart wants to download it, then you guys just have to click on the three dots and click on the download shortcut.

Yes and that video of yours will be downloaded very easily no need to download any third party app etc. This shortcut is pretty amazing I am using it myself I like it a lot. Giving benefit.


Remove Background from Portrait 

With this iPhone shortcut, you can remove the background from any photo.By the way, to remove the background, you had to download some third-party app or an editing app, but now you can remove the background from any photo for free.



In today’s article, I have detailed five shortcuts that will enhance your iPhone experience.

You will find a download button under all the shortcuts that have been mentioned, from there you can also download the shortcut.


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