Top New WhatsApp Features of 2023

Nowadays every person is using WhatsApp, WhatsApp has become a necessity for everyone, WhatsApp keeps introducing new features every day, here are some new and very useful features of WhatsApp. I am going to tell about.

You just have to read this article completely so that you can get information about all these features and know where and how to use these features.

Top New WhatsApp Features of 2023

Some New Features of WhatsApp Introduced in 2023.

  • Message Edit 
  • Video message
  • Send photos in HD quality
  • Video call broadcast 
  • Chat Lock 

Message Edit 

Through this new feature of WhatsApp, now you can edit someone even after sending a message on WhatsApp. can also be edited.Earlier, if a wrong message was sent, you had to delete it, but now WhatsApp has given an option to edit the message.

Video message 

This new feature of WhatsApp has a lot of benefits. Earlier you could only send this message on WhatsApp, but now you can also send a video message. By tapping on this message once, you can send a video message. It gets activated then you can send video messages from there.

Send photo in HD Quality 

The biggest problem of WhatsApp users used to be that every time they sent a photo or video to someone, the quality of the entire image would get damaged,

but now WhatsApp has launched a solution for this. Now you guys press the HD button before sending a photo to any person, then whenever a photo is sent to someone, it will be sent in full HD quality.

After this feature, people will no longer need to send photos in documents in WhatsApp.

Video call broadcast 

Through this feature of WhatsApp, now people do not have to download any app to share the screen of their mobile phone, but WhatsApp has given a new option in the video call through which now people can share a screen. Can see other’s WhatsApp screen.

Chat Lock 

This feature of WhatsApp is very amazing. I like this feature the most. You guys could lock the entire WhatsApp earlier, but now WhatsApp has launched a new feature. Now you can lock only one person. You can also lock WhatsApp chat.


In today’s article, I have told you about five new features that are launched in WhatsApp in 2023 and can be of much use to you. Read this article and take advantage of these WhatsApp features.



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