How to earn money from markaz app

How to earn money from markaz app

In this era of inflation, every person wants to earn money,

but as much as it has happened, many people have become unemployed, but every person wants to earn online,

every person wants to earn money sitting at home, but today you

I will tell people about an app through which you can earn millions of rupees sitting at home.

How to earn money from markaz app

Today I am going to tell you guys how you can earn money from the markaz app.

Most of you know that center is an markaz app through which you sell products and out of it you get Commission is received.

By the way, there are many ways to earn money from center error, but the best and most beneficial way is for you to sell the product and get commission.

How to get orders on the markaz app?

A lot of people are earning money from the markaz app but a lot of people are  the problem that they sell products on markaz but we don’t get any customers.

Today I will also tell you guys how you guys can get customer on the markaz app.

  1. Through Facebook
  2. Through WhatsApp
  3. Through short video platform

Through Facebook!

You can also get customers through Facebook, so you get more groups in which you can sell products.

But Facebook has also provided an option called Marketplace through which you can sell your product and earn a good profit from it.

This is a wonderful option through which millions of people are running their business. This auction called marketplace has been in Facebook for a long time and many people are expanding their business through it. You can earn and you can also make money from the marketplace by making your own. business out of it.

Through WhatsApp!

To get customer you can use whatsapp business in whatsapp business you can sell your product and earn money from it lot of people sell their product on whatsapp but you Don’t use WhatsApp Messenger has written quite a lot on WhatsApp Business where you can earn money by selling your product.Create your account on WhatsApp Business today and start earning your livelihood.

Through short video platform!

You can also take the help of the shot video platform to get the customer. All the methods that I have told you to get the first customer, they all give customers, but the most customer is the short video platform. can be obtained from.

You guys can create your account on any platform and upload videos about your product on it and you can put your product link in the bio of that account and from there you will get more customers from which you will get more customers. You will get more money.

How to download markaz app!

I am going to tell you a very easy way to download this app. At the end of the article you are reading, you guys have found a link that you can click on to download this app.









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