Telenor Quiz Answers No.2

Telenor Quiz Answers No.2

Who was the ex-President of Pakistan?  Here I gave the correct answer for this question that will help you to give the correct answer in Telenor App Quiz. This answer is provided with the four options from which one is correct and that one is bolded in the red color after four options. Use this answer in Telenor App Quiz,

Q#2 Who was the ex-President of Pakistan?

  • Mamnoon H.
  • N. Shareef
  • Asif Z.
  • Arif Alvi

Correct Answer: Mamnoon H.

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Telenor Quiz Answers 16 January 2022

Q#1 Who is Pakistan’s first National Ambassador for UN Women? 

Q#2 Pakistani actor Qavi Khan started his career with ___.

Q#3 Nasreddin Murat-Khan, the designer of Minaar-e-Pakistan, was born in ____.

Q#4 Aisam-ul-Haq is Pakistan’s top ____ player.

Q#5 Who was the first Governor General of the state of Pakistan?

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