How to translate whatsapp chat English to Urdu 2021

How to translate whatsapp chat English to Urdu 2021

Hello friends as you all know that a lot of people in pakistan use whatsapp is the biggest source of messaging is whatsapp then there is nothing wrong if you all know that there is enough in whatsapp There are more pitchers and at the same time when everyone is using it, there will be some literate and some illiterate in it. To avoid this, many people have made app one of which is Today you will be able to change the English message to Urdu but I will also tell you how to change it.

How to translate English to Urdu

Have become apps but people don’t know how to use these apps. The only purpose of writing this article today is to let you know how you can send English messages in Urdu but in all languages. How can I change if you don’t know how to read whatsapp app read it in urdu don’t know how to read urdu do it in hindi don’t know how to read hindi do it in english meaning you can read any language in any language You can also change the language.

How to translate whatsapp chat English to Urdu 2021

If you want to use this app, you can use it. If you read this article in full, you will know how to use this app and how to download it. So who are the good feachers , what are the disadvantages of it, meaning you will know everything.

Why use chat translate app?

  1. Friends, if you are talking to an educated person who is texting in English, don’t worry, you can use this app to translate your Urdu message into English and send it to him and his English. You can read the message by translating it into Urdu.
  2. If you text someone and they can’t understand the message in English and you don’t know how to write Urdu, then type the message.
  3.  whatsapp does not have this feature that you can change English message to Urdu and Urdu message to English but also to all languages ​​in any language but this will be done with the help of an app which is the side of the app today. But I will tell you that it is going to be very beneficial for translate in English.

Benefit of chat translate app?

Friends, when I ask you to use the chat translation app, of course your question will be what is the benefit of using this app, then using this app will be of great benefit to you that you You can also change the English word into Urdu and the Urdu word into English, but you can change the word of any language into any language, it will make you an expert in every language and everyone Will be able to talk.

How to use chat translate app?

You will find all kinds of apps on the Google Play Store. You will also find this app, but did you know that you can use it very well if you want to use it? All you have to do is download this application and then you will be able to use it so that you can capture any word in any language. The designing of this application is very different. It is like a telescope that can change any word.

I will tell you where to download this application from now on but before you open it you have to open it to use it after downloading it. After doing this, you have listened carefully here that you will get more of your options. In this option, you have to select Urdu on the left side option and English on the right side option. Which will translate your Urdu message into English. If you reverse it, your English message will be translated into Urdu.In the same way, you can benefit by placing it on the left side and the right side.After selecting the languages you will see a big button that you have to press then allow permissions.

You on your mobile screen that will carry any word that you have translated. It will be nice to see and it will be very useful if your friend will be surprised to see it and it will be beneficial as well.

How to download chat translate?

By the way, there are millions of ways to download this application, but the method should tell you the one that you find very easy, so after a lot of research, we have come up with the best way to find the best way. Liked it a lot and it will be much easier for you.To download this app, you will see a download button at the end of this article, which you will click on. You can also use it. I have explained the complete method of using it very easily in the above paragraph. If you have not read it, then go and read that paragraph. You will also know how to use standby.We hope you enjoy the article. In this article we have tried our best to let you know how you can transfer your chat.

method of downloading I also told you how to use it and also the reason behind it. Explain the benefits of using it. You can read this article in its entirety. The advantage will be that you will be able to translate your WhatsApp chat














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