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Top 5 WhatsApp tracker Apps in 2023

More than five billion people are using WhatsApp today.In today’s world WhatsApp has become our need without WhatsApp we are incomplete.You guys must have been using WhatsApp for a long time, there are many features in WhatsApp, today I am going to tell you about a feature that you don’t know about.



In today’s article, I will tell you in full detail how you can get full details of anyone’s WhatsApp, how parents can monitor their children and check their WhatsApp.A part from this, you can extract anyone’s WhatsApp details with whom they talk, all you can do will be explained in this article.

Top 5 WhatsApp tracker Apps in 2023

In this article, you will be told about five WhatsApp trackers that you can use to find someone’s WhatsApp details.

  1. Chat state
  2. Chat chart
  3. Chat analyzer
  4. W-track last seen
  5. What’s me

Chat state

First app in our list you guys can extract complete whatsapp details of anyone it’s very amazing after using this you can extract any whatsapp details I have been using myself it’s very  It is wonderful.

Chat chart

This app is quite amazing, it is also possible to extract someone’s WhatsApp details.

If you also want to keep an eye on your children or delete someone’s WhatsApp, you must use this app.

Chat analyzer

You can extract someone’s WhatsApp details using this app.I myself use this app and find it useful.

I will suggest you to use this app so that you can also extract someone’s WhatsApp details.

W-track last seen

This app is quite amazing for WhatsApp users, it allows you to check the last scene of anyone’s WhatsApp, when they were last online and when they were offline, this can be very useful.

You guys can use it a lot of space whenever you have more whatsapp class of someone, you can add his whatsapp number and check his last scene.

What’s me

This app is the last app but it is the most amazing app through which you can extract someone’s whatsapp data very easily but if you want to extract someone’s data under compulsion then this app is not misused at all.

How to download this apps.

I will tell you very easy way to download this app whenever you want to download apps go to play store of your mobile and search the name of these apps and you will find that app.


In this article I have told you in detail how you guys can get complete WhatsApp details of anyone.

This app is designed to be used by you guys, don’t misuse it.


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